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1 Carcinogenicity of the aromatic amines: from structure–activity relationships to mechanisms of action and risk assessment Benigni, Romualdo

511 3 p. 191-206
2 Contents to volume
511 3 p. 255-256
3 Hormesis: changing view of the dose-response, a personal account of the history and current status Calabrese, Edward J

511 3 p. 181-189
4 Lycopersicon assays of chemical/radiation genotoxicity for the study of environmental mutagens Grant, William F

511 3 p. 207-237
5 Reflections of Edward Calabrese on hormesis Hoffmann, George R.

511 3 p. 179
6 Spectrum of styrene-induced DNA adducts: the relationship to other biomarkers and prospects in human biomonitoring Vodicka, Pavel

511 3 p. 239-254
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