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1 Frameshift mutation, microsatellites and mismatch repair 1 This article is part of the Reflections in Mutation Research series. To suggest topics and authors for Reflections, readers should contact the series editors, G.R. Hoffmann ( or D.G. MacPhee ( 1 Strauss, Bernard S.

437 3 p. 195-203
2 Post-transcriptional control via iron-responsive elements: the impact of aberrations in hereditary disease Mikulits, Wolfgang

437 3 p. 219-230
3 The MYC dualism in growth and death Fuhrmann, Gerhard

437 3 p. 205-217
4 The NF-κB/Rel family of transcription factors in oncogenic transformation and apoptosis de Martin, Rainer

437 3 p. 231-243
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