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1 Discussion
436 2 p. 185-194
2 Discussion
436 2 p. 179-184
3 Genotoxicity testing of biotechnology-derived products Gocke, Elmar

436 2 p. 137-156
4 Reflections in mutation research: an introductory essay 1 To suggest topics or authors for Reflections, readers should contact either of the authors by mail at the addresses shown above or by e-mail: G.R. Hoffmann ( D.G. MacPhee ( 1 Hoffmann, George R.

436 2 p. 123-130
5 Somatic hypermutation and the three R's: repair, replication and recombination 1 Manuscript invited by Susan M. Rosenberg. 1 Harris, Reuben S

436 2 p. 157-178
6 The first oncogene in Drosophila melanogaster Baek, Kwang-Hyun

436 2 p. 131-136
                             6 results found
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