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1 Age, period, and cohort effects on asthma prevalence in Canadian adults, 1994–2011 Nasreen, Sharifa

41 C p. 49-55
2 Change in prepregnancy body mass index and gastroschisis Benjamin, Renata H.

41 C p. 21-27
3 Distress level and daily functioning problems attributed to firearm victimization: sociodemographic-specific responses Kagawa, Rose M.C.

41 C p. 35-42.e3
4 Impact of population distribution shifts in sugar-sweetened beverage consumption on type II diabetes incidence in Ireland O'Neill, Kate N.

41 C p. 1-6
5 In, out, and fluctuating: obesity from adolescence to adulthood Ng, Carmen D.

41 C p. 14-20
6 Mediation analysis for estimating cardioprotection of longitudinal RAS inhibition beyond lowering blood pressure and albuminuria in type 1 diabetes Guo, Jingchuan

41 C p. 7-13.e1
7 Using statewide death certificate data to understand trends and characteristics of polydrug overdose deaths in Tennessee, 2013–2017 Golladay, Molly

41 C p. 43-48.e1
8 Vaginal microbiome diversity and preterm birth: results of a nested case–control study in Peru Blostein, Freida

41 C p. 28-34
9 Visualization tool of variable selection in bias–variance tradeoff for inverse probability weights Yu, Ya-Hui

41 C p. 56-59
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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