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1 Common and different neural markers in major depression and anxiety disorders: A pilot structural magnetic resonance imaging study Maggioni, Eleonora

290 C p. 42-50
2 Disruption of volitional control in obsessive-compulsive disorder: Evidence from the Bereitschaftspotential Takashima, Shiro

290 C p. 30-37
3 Editorial Board
290 C p. ii
4 Inferior frontal gyrus gray matter volume is associated with aggressive behavior in schizophrenia spectrum disorders Schoretsanitis, Georgios

290 C p. 14-21
5 Influence of muscarinic M1 receptor antagonism on brain choline levels and functional connectivity in medication-free subjects with psychosis: A placebo controlled, cross-over study Vingerhoets, Claudia

290 C p. 5-13
6 Machine-learning based brain age estimation in major depression showing no evidence of accelerated aging Besteher, Bianca

290 C p. 1-4
7 Network functional connectivity analysis in individuals at ultrahigh risk for psychosis and patients with schizophrenia Chen, Xiongying

290 C p. 51-57
8 Neurocircuitry associated with symptom dimensions at baseline and with change in borderline personality disorder Westlund Schreiner, Melinda

290 C p. 58-65
9 Significant repetition probability effects in schizophrenia Kovács, Gyula

290 C p. 22-29
10 The resting-brain of obsessive–compulsive disorder Moreira, Pedro Silva

290 C p. 38-41
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