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1 Differences in the complexity of math and literacy questions parents pose during storybook reading Uscianowski, Colleen

50 P3 p. 40-50
2 Editorial Board
50 P3 p. ii
3 Expanding the Home Numeracy Model to Chilean children: Relations among parental expectations, attitudes, activities, and children’s mathematical outcomes Susperreguy, María Inés

50 P3 p. 16-28
4 Introduction to the Special Issue: Parents supporting early mathematical thinking Mazzocco, Michèle M.M.

50 P3 p. 1-3
5 It’s more than just fun and games: Play-based mathematics activities for Head Start families Ramani, Geetha B.

50 P3 p. 78-89
6 Number-based sharing: Conversation about quantity in the context of resource distribution Chernyak, Nadia

50 P3 p. 90-96
7 Parents’ and young children’s attention to mathematical features varies across play materials Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen

50 P3 p. 65-77
8 Preferences for tactile and narrative counting books across parents with different education levels Gaylord, Shannon M.

50 P3 p. 29-39
9 Quality of fathers’ spatial concept support during block building predicts their daughters’ early math skills – but not their sons’ Thomson, Dana

50 P3 p. 51-64
10 The home math environment: More than numeracy Zippert, Erica L

50 P3 p. 4-15
                             10 results found
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