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1 Dietary supplementation with myo-inositol reduces high-fructose diet-induced hepatic ChREBP binding and acetylation of histones H3 and H4 on the Elovl6 gene in rats Hibi, Mayu

88 C p. 28-33
2 Impact of dietary fat composition and quantity in pancreatic carcinogenesis: Recent advances and controversies Wirkus, Joanna

88 C p. 1-18
3 Matcha consumption maintains attentional function following a mild acute psychological stress without affecting a feeling of fatigue: A randomized placebo-controlled study in young adults Baba, Yoshitake

88 C p. 44-52
4 Risk evaluation of vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency in children using simple scores: The Healthy Growth Study Moschonis, George

88 C p. 19-27
5 Severity of metabolic syndrome is greater among nonalcoholic adults with elevated ALT and advanced fibrosis DeBoer, Mark D.

88 C p. 34-43
                             5 gevonden resultaten
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