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  ISHAN: Sequence Homology Analysis Package
Titel: ISHAN: Sequence Homology Analysis Package
Auteur: Shil, Pratip
Dudani, Niraj
Vidyasagar, Pandit B.
Verschenen in: In silico biology
Paginering: Jaargang 6 (2006) nr. 5 pagina's 373-377
Jaar: 2006-12-01
Inhoud: Sequence based homology studies play an important role in evolutionary tracing and classification of proteins. Various methods are available to analyze biological sequence information. However, with the advent of proteomics era, there is a growing demand for analysis of huge amount of biological sequence information, and it has become necessary to have programs that would provide speedy analysis. ISHAN has been developed as a homology analysis package, built on various sequence analysis tools viz FASTA, ALIGN, CLUSTALW, PHYLIP and CODONW (for DNA sequences). This JAVA application offers the user choice of analysis tools. For testing, ISHAN was applied to perform phylogenetic analysis for sets of Caspase 3 DNA sequences and NF- κB p105 amino acid sequences. By integrating several tools it has made analysis much faster and reduced manual intervention.
Uitgever: IOS Press
Bronbestand: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details van artikel 7 van 11 gevonden artikelen
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