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  Management support through artificial intelligence
Title: Management support through artificial intelligence
Author: Holsapple, Clyde W.
Whinston, Andrew B.
Appeared in: Human systems management
Paging: Volume 5 (2013) nr. 2 pages 163-171
Year: 2013-06-14
Contents: The principal applicability of artificial intelligence techniques to management lies within the context of decision support systems. These are systems that facilitate or enhance decision making activities. An extensive decision support system has the ability to draw upon various kinds of application specific knowledge in solving problems posed by a manager. This includes large volumes of empirical knowledge, a variety of modeling knowledge, and reasoning knowledge. All of these types of knowledge can be represented in the DSS's knowledge system and can be utilized by the DSS's problem processor in responding to requests stated in terms of the DSS's language system. Research in the DSS field is increasingly exploring ways in which AI techniques can be used in addressing such DSS implementation issues.
Publisher: IOS Press
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 4 of 11 found articles
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