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  Manpower waste
Title: Manpower waste
Author: Mackenzie, Kenneth D.
Appeared in: Human systems management
Paging: Volume 3 (2013) nr. 2 pages 136-142
Year: 2013-06-14
Contents: Manpower waste is an important part of manpower supply and demand. Less manpower waste can yield more output with the same size organization and affect turnover. Many of the causes of manpower waste lie in how the organization is managed to achieve its goals and strategies. A new approach called the Organizational Audit and Analysis is described to design organizations to be more productive and adaptive. This approach can be used to identify manpower waste, to eliminate it, and to maintain the organization to prevent it.
Publisher: IOS Press
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 8 of 11 found articles
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