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  Stability in Bank Income through Fee-based Activities
Title: Stability in Bank Income through Fee-based Activities
Author: R. K. Uppal
Appeared in: Information Management and Business Review
Paging: Volume 1 (2010) nr. 1 pages 40-47
Year: 2010
Contents: This paper is an attempt to study the trends in non-interest income which is a vital source of stability in bank income. For this, the study takes some parameters like interest and non-interest income as a percentage to total income, share of non-interest income components like exchange & brokerage, sale in investment and exchange transaction. On the basis of these parameters the study concludes that interest income is continuously declining due to deregulation in interest rates and non-interest income is rising. Among the non-interest income components, commodity exchange & brokerage witnessed a large share while exchange transaction witnessed a meager part. The paper also gives some ways and means to bring stability in the total income.
Publisher: International Foundation for Research and Development (IFRD) (provided by DOAJ)
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 2 of 2 found articles
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