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  Secure E-payment Protocol
Title: Secure E-payment Protocol
Author: Sattar J Aboud
Appeared in: International journal of security
Paging: Volume 3 (2009) nr. 5 pages 85-92
Year: 2009
Contents: The vast spreading of information in the last decade has led to greatdevelopment in e-commerce. For instance, e-trade and e-bank are two mainInternet services that implement e-transaction from anyplace in the world. Thishelps merchant and bank to ease the financial transaction process and to giveuser friendly services at any time. However, the cost of workers andcommunications falls down considerably while the cost of trusted authority andprotecting information is increased. E-payment is now one of the most centralresearch areas in e-commerce, mainly regarding online and offline paymentscenarios. In this paper, we will discuss an important e-payment protocol namelyKim and Lee scheme examine its advantages and delimitations, whichencourages the author to develop more efficient scheme that keeping allcharacteristics intact without concession of the security robustness of theprotocol. The suggest protocol employs the idea of public key encryption schemeusing the thought of hash chain. We will compare the proposed protocol with Kimand Lee protocol and demonstrate that the proposed protocol offers moresecurity and efficiency, which makes the protocol workable for real worldservices.
Publisher: Computer Science Journals (provided by DOAJ)
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 1 of 1 found articles
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