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  The Necessity of Measurement
Title: The Necessity of Measurement
Author: Dudden, Rosalind Farnam
Appeared in: Medical reference services quarterly
Paging: Volume 27 (2008) nr. 3 pages 323-338
Year: 2008-08-01
Contents: Measurement of library systems and services is a multidimensional management task. New paradigms of library service and the context in which libraries operate have made it necessary for librarians to find new measures while at the same time keeping the old. Factors that can be measured, such as needs, inputs, quality processes, outputs, quality of service, outcomes, and impacts, are described. This bibliographic essay covers the current trends while leading readers to resources where they can learn more.
Publisher: Routledge
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 9 of 11 found articles
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