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  Academic Library Status:
Title: Academic Library Status:
Author: Jackson, Joseph A.
Clouse, R. Wilburn
Appeared in: Behavioral & social sciences librarian
Paging: Volume 6 (1988) nr. 3-4 pages 139-166
Year: 1988-08-09
Contents: This study determined from published advertisements the range of variability in employment opportunities of academic librarians. Research questions were formulated to investigate employment with regard to rank, academic expectations, benefits, tenure, and issues related to salary and equal employment. A survey and analysis through the use of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences Program were made of selected data available in published advertisements in The Chronicle of Higher Education.. Of the 67.5% of librarians holding academic status, results show variations in rank, academic expectations, and benefits among institutions and regions.
Publisher: Routledge
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 1 of 11 found articles
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