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  Women's history and gender history: The Italian experience
Title: Women's history and gender history: The Italian experience
Author: Fiume, Giovanna
Appeared in: Modern Italy
Paging: Volume 10 (2005) nr. 2 pages 207-231
Year: 2005-11-01
Contents: Since the early nineteenth century political opposition became a central concept of political representation in constitutional monarchies. While this concept marked the political language of unified Italy on the national level, in local administration the legitimacy of political opposition remained an issue of dispute, as illustrated in this analysis of the political language in Bologna's city council. Local perceptions of national events, like Garibaldi's unsuccessful Mentana-campaign, assumed a significant symbolic meaning and challenged traditional understandings of local administration by introducing notions of political opposition. In Bologna, the second city of the former Papal State, the Moderates were able to form a political hegemony after the Unification of Italy and remained the predominant political force also after the parliamentary revolution of 1876 and the electoral reforms of the 1880s. Due to its limited influence on the local administration, Bologna's Left defined its ideological profile earlier and more clearly than the Left in other parts of Italy and integrated issues of national importance into local political discourse. Illustrating the relationship between central administration and the periphery, the article analyses the development of political language and changing meanings of political representation on the local level between Unification and World War One.
Publisher: Routledge
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 7 of 7 found articles
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