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  Imaging of long-range reverberation from ocean basin topography
Titel: Imaging of long-range reverberation from ocean basin topography
Auteur: Erskine, Fred T.
Bernstein, Gary M.
Franchi, Edward R.
Adams, Budd B.
Verschenen in: Marine geodesy
Paginering: Jaargang 10 (1986) nr. 1 pagina's 69-78
Jaar: 1986
Inhoud: A technique is currently under development a the Naval Research Laboratory for imaging of backscatterec acoustic returns from ocean basin topography. The method is straightforward. An explosive sound source is detonated near the center of an ocean basin and the round-trip travel time from source to reflectors and return is measured. Distance to back-scattering topography is assumed to be proportional to round-trip time, with a proportionality constant equal to half the sound speed. A multielement receiving array is used to determine the azimuthal directions to topographic features. Reverberation data are output to an imaging system to study the spatial distribution of sea bottom reverberation. The images are in the form of two-dimensional maps of backscattered acoustic energy. Typical maps are larger than 2,000 km x 2,000 km (or area coverage greater than 4 x 106 km2). After correction of maps from individual shot detonations for range-dependent propagation losses, we average ("integrate") maps together on a pixel by pixel basis for a clear picture of major basin reverberators.
Uitgever: Taylor & Francis
Bronbestand: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details van artikel 3 van 8 gevonden artikelen
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