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  Wrinkle Analysis of Space Membrane Structures and Applications
Title: Wrinkle Analysis of Space Membrane Structures and Applications
Author: Wang, C. G.
Du, X. W.
Appeared in: International journal for computational methods in engineering science and mechanics
Paging: Volume 8 (2007) nr. 3 pages 159-164
Year: 2007-05
Contents: This paper presents two numerical modeling approaches to analyze the wrinkles in the space membrane structures. The nonlinear buckling method based on our wrinkle analytical technique incorporating ANSYS thin shell element is used to simulate the wrinkle characteristics in the plane membrane. The explicit time integration method incorporating the AIRBAGS model in LSDYNA code is used to predict the dynamic wrinkle characteristics and the stress state of inflatable membrane structures. Numerical approaches presented in this paper are applied in two numerical studies. One is the wrinkle analysis of the square plane membrane subjected to symmetric corner tension, and the other is the analysis of the square inflatable membrane airbag under the action of the internal variable inflatable pressure. The detailed wrinkling information, such as wrinkle wavelength, wrinkle amplitude, wrinkle region and the stress state of the wrinkled membrane structures, can be accurately obtained by using the approaches presented in this paper. Comparisons were made with experimental results for the wrinkle shape and distribution. The numerical predictions agreed well with the experimental results. The wrinkling results from the numerical computation can be used to support the studies on the nonlinear behaviors of the space membrane structures.
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 7 of 7 found articles
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