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  India's secularism in comparative perspective
Titel: India's secularism in comparative perspective
Auteur: Shankar, Shylashri
Verschenen in: India review
Paginering: Jaargang 2 (2003) nr. 4 pagina's 43-58
Jaar: 2003-10
Inhoud: This review assesses whether Gary Jeffrey Jacobson's The Wheel of Law resolves the two major dilemmas besetting Indian secularism: first, how to reconcile the paradox of transforming formal equality into substantive equality for groups and individuals while also allowing religious freedom; and, no less importantly, with whom lies final authority for transforming religious practices. This review essay argues that the crisis of secularism, linked intimately with democracy and manifested in the rise of religious majoritarian (Hindu) nationalism, can be resolved only by confronting the question of power - in this case, the authority to alter religious practices.
Uitgever: Routledge
Bronbestand: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details van artikel 1 van 3 gevonden artikelen
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