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Author: Rosenblatt, Paul C.
Appeared in: Death studies
Paging: Volume 28 (2004) nr. 7 pages 679-686
Year: 2004-09
Contents: Secondary analysis of data from 84 people in 2 interview studies shows that some bereaved people grieve actively while driving. The grief can be intense, even years after a death. Grief while driving may erupt spontaneously or be set off by a wide range of reminders. Some bereaved people seem to save their grieving for times when they drive, because that is when they have the time and privacy to think and feel, but it would be safer for them and others if they would avoid driving while grieving intensely.
Publisher: Routledge
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 5 of 8 found articles
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