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  Tests for homogeneity of variance
Title: Tests for homogeneity of variance
Author: Keselman, H. J.
Gaines, Paul A.
Clinch, Jennifer J.
Appeared in: Communications in statistics
Paging: Volume 8 (1979) nr. 2 pages 113-129
Year: 1979
Contents: Six procedures which convert tests of homogeneity of variance into tests for mean equality for independent groups are compared. The tests are the analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Welch F statistics. The Welch statistics are included since it was anticipated that ANOVA would not provide a robust test when samples of unequal sizes are obtained from non-normal populations. However, the Welch tests are not found to be uniformly preferrable. In addition, a prior recommendation for Miller's jackknife procedure is not supported for the unequal sample size case. The data indicates that the current tests for variance heterogeneity are either sensitive to non-normality or, if robust, lacking in power. Therefore, these tests cannot be recommended for the purpose of testing the validity of the ANOVA homogeneity assumption.
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 8 of 8 found articles
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