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  Estimation of the Moment Generating Function
Title: Estimation of the Moment Generating Function
Author: Gbur, Edward E.
Collins, Robert A.
Appeared in: Communications in statistics
Paging: Volume 18 (1989) nr. 3 pages 1113-1134
Year: 1989
Contents: A number of statistical problems use the moment generating function (mgf) for purposes other than determining the moments of a distribution. If the distribution is not completely specified, then the mgf must be estimated from available data. The empirical mgf makes no assumptions concerning the underlying distribution except for the existence of the mgf. In contrast to the nonparametric approach provided by the empirical mgf, alternative estimators can be formed based on an assumed parametric model. Comparison of these approaches is considered for two parametric models; the normal and a one parameter gamma. Comparison criteria are efficiency and empirical confidence interval coverage. In general the parametric estimators outperform the empirical mgf when the model is correct. The comparisons are extended to underlying models which are two component mixtures from the distributional family assumed by the parametric estimators. Under the mixture models the superiority of the parametric estimator depends upon the model, value of the argument of the mgf, and the comparison criterion. The empirical mgf is the better estimator in some cases.
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 5 of 21 found articles
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