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1 Airborne Salt Precipitation Rate and Estimated Concentration by the Dry Gauze and Wet Candle Method Takebe, Masamichi

18 4 p. 429-437
2 An Upper Bound Solution to Undrained Bearing Capacity of Rigid Strip Footings Near Slopes Chen, Tingjun

18 4 p. 475-485
3 Bacterial Treatment of Remoulded Fine-Grained Cohesive Soils Soltani-Jigheh, Hossein

18 4 p. 463-473
4 Desorption of Heavy Metals from Lime-Stabilized Arid-Soils using Different Extractants Moghal, Arif Ali Baig

18 4 p. 449-461
5 Effect of Helical Surface Area on the Performance of a Multi-Helix Anchor Aouadi, Fadhel

18 4 p. 439-448
6 Flows of Liquefied Filtered Tailings: Laboratory-Scale Physical and Numerical Modeling Sánchez-Peralta, John A.

18 4 p. 393-404
7 Reliability of Static and Seismic Design of Near Slope Shallow Foundations Following Iranian Code and Eurocode 7 Shojaeian, Ali

18 4 p. 405-417
8 Simplified Algorithm for Grouting Pressure and Grouting Quantity in Shield Construction Li, Chunlin

18 4 p. 419-428
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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