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1 Accepting/Rejecting Unchallenged Expert Evidence: The Decision-Making Prerogative: R v Charlene Sargeant [2019] EWCA Crim 1088 Kotsoglou, Kyriakos N.

84 1 p. 86-89
2 Atmosphere and Context: Use of Force in the Execution of Duty and Retaliatory Force: Pegram v DPP [2019] EWHC 2673 (Admin) Thomas, Mark

84 1 p. 94-98
3 De-Criminalising Adolescent to Parent Violence Under s 76 Serious Crime Act 2015 (c.9) Bettinson, Vanessa

84 1 p. 3-18
4 Determining the Appropriate Test for Reviewing Parole Board Decisions: Browne (Aswad) v The Parole Board of England and Wales [2018] EWCA Civ 2024 Bates, Danielle

84 1 p. 90-93
5 High Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh: Selecting an Appropriate Sentence for Extreme Crimes by a Young Offender: Campbell (Aaron) v HM Advocate, 2019 SLT 1127 Shiels, Robert S

84 1 p. 99-102
6 Powers of Attorney and ‘Lack of Capacity’ under the Mental Capacity Act 2005: A Narrowing of the s 44 Offence? R v Kurtz [2018] EWCA Crim 2743 Taggart, John

84 1 p. 74-82
7 ‘Related’ or Merely ‘Connected’? Sending Summary Offences to the Crown Court: R v Merritt [2019] EWCA Crim 1514 Wortley, Natalie

84 1 p. 83-85
8 Sexual Behaviour Evidence and Evidence of Bad Character in Sexual Offence Proceedings: Proposing a Combined Admissibility Framework Brewis, Brian

84 1 p. 49-73
9 The New Test for Dishonesty in Criminal Law—Lessons From the Courts of Equity? Leggett, Zach

84 1 p. 37-48
10 Treason Versus Outraging Public Decency: Over-Criminalisation and Terrorism Panics Baker, Dennis J

84 1 p. 19-36
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