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1 An Augmented Lagrangian based Semismooth Newton Method for a Class of Bilinear Programming Problems He, Su-xiang

34 4 p. 446-459
2 A Novel Bat Algorithm based on Cross Boundary Learning and Uniform Explosion Strategy Yong, Jia-shi

34 4 p. 480-502
3 A parametric bootstrap approach for one-way classification model with skew-normal random effects Ye, Ren-dao

34 4 p. 423-435
4 Asymptotics of estimators for nonparametric multivariate regression models with long memory Wang, Li-hong

34 4 p. 403-422
5 Characterizations of product Hardy space associated to Schrödinger operators Zhao, Kai

34 4 p. 379-392
6 Local time and Tanaka formula of G-martingales Liu, Guo-min

34 4 p. 468-479
7 New conditions for pattern solutions of a Brusselator model Tong, Chang-qing

34 4 p. 460-467
8 On growth of meromorphic solutions of some kind of non-homogeneous linear difference equations Zheng, Xiu-Min

34 4 p. 436-445
9 The EM algorithm for ML Estimators under nonlinear inequalities restrictions on the parameters Shen, Qi-xia

34 4 p. 393-402
                             9 results found
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