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1 Application of Empirical Orthogonal Functions Parameterization in the Problem of Retrieval of the Tropospheric Thermal Structure by Radiometric Data Belikovich, M. V.

62 9 p. 591-605
2 Information Approach to the Digital Recording of Signals Khobotov, A. G.

62 9 p. 618-626
3 Precipitation of Energetic Electrons from the Earth’s Radiation Belt Stimulated by High-Power HF Radio Waves for Modification of the Midlatitude Ionosphere Frolov, V. L.

62 9 p. 571-590
4 Reconstruction of Systems with Delays and Hidden Variables Khorev, V. S.

62 9 p. 637-649
5 Simulation of the Properties of an Antenna Array which is Optimal According to the Criterion of Minimum Standard Deviation in the Case of Mutual Signal and Interference Correlation Popov, A. S.

62 9 p. 627-636
6 Source Localization in a Non-Uniform Acoustic Waveguide Using the Modal Rank-Reduction Algorithm Sazontov, A. G.

62 9 p. 606-617
                             6 results found
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