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1 Consistent Determination of the Integral Humidity and Effective Optical Depth of the Atmosphere in the Millimeter Wavelength Range Using Wideband Radiometers Bubnov, G. M.

62 12 p. 820-829
2 Excitation of Langmuir and Ion–Acoustic Turbulence in the High-Latitude Ionosphere by a High-Power HF Radio Wave Simultaneously Below and Above the F2-Layer Maximum Borisova, T. D.

62 12 p. 793-806
3 Features of the Development of the Small-Scale Self-Focusing in Superpower Femtosecond Lasers Ginzburg, V. N.

62 12 p. 849-860
4 GPS Positioning Accuracy in Different Modes with Active Forcing on the Ionosphere from the Sura High-Power HF Radiation Yasyukevich, Yu. V.

62 12 p. 807-819
5 Weibel Mechanism of Magnetic-Field Generation in the Process of Expansion of a Collisionless-Plasma Bunch with Hot Electrons Nechaev, A. A.

62 12 p. 830-848
                             5 results found
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