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1 A Digital Algorithm for Controlling Programmable Acousto-Optic Filters: Numerical Simulation of Contrast and Computation Speed Yushkov, K. B.

62 11 p. 778-791
2 Effective Electrodynamic Analysis of Small-Size Dielectric Lenses Donets, I. V.

62 11 p. 760-769
3 Estimating an Error of the Excitation-Field Model in the Form of a Delta Function in the Theory of Dipole Antennas Sochilin, A. V.

62 11 p. 770-777
4 Frequency Tuning in Short-Wave Gyrotrons with Irregular Cavities Osharin, I. V.

62 11 p. 740-748
5 Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study of High-Power Gyrotrons with Energy Recovery Zavol’sky, N. A.

62 11 p. 749-759
6 Stationary Relativistic Electron Vortices in Cold Plasmas with Immobile Ions Korzhimanov, A. V.

62 11 p. 734-739
7 Synthesis of Symmetric Sounding Sequences for Ekaterinburg Coherent Decameter Radar Berngardt, O. I.

62 11 p. 721-733
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