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1 Algorithm for Detecting an Extreme Solar Flare of September 6, 2017 from its Geomagnetic Precursors Barkhatov, N. A.

62 10 p. 651-656
2 Characteristics of Radio-Signal Detection for the Nonlinear Decision Function of a Threshold Device Nakhmanson, G. S.

62 10 p. 713-719
3 Detection of a Chirp Ionosonde Signal under Conditions of a Priori Non-Parametric Uncertainty Egoshin, I.A.

62 10 p. 685-693
4 Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves by Multilayer Graphene Metasurfaces in the Terahertz Frequency Band Lerer, A.M.

62 10 p. 700-712
5 Modified Algorithm for Calculating the Ambiguity Function in the Problem of Estimating the Mutual Time Delays of Wideband Signals Grin’, I. V.

62 10 p. 694-699
6 Radio Emission of Rydberg Atoms in the Upper Atmosphere Modified by High-Power HF Radio Waves Troitskii, A. V.

62 10 p. 677-684
7 Relationship between the Potential of an Artificial Earth Satellite and the Temperature of Electrons in the Upper Ionosphere Perturbed by High-Power Short-Wave Radiation of the “Sura” Ground-Based Facility Ryabov, A.O.

62 10 p. 657-666
8 Total Electron Content Measurements in the Ionosphere Disturbed by High-Power High-Frequency Waves by the Methods of Incoherent Scattering of Radio Waves and Radio Sounding by Glonass Satellite Signal Tereshchenko, E. D.

62 10 p. 667-676
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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