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1 A low-error calibration function for an electrostatic gas-solid flow meter obtained via machine learning techniques with experimental data Kidd, Andrew J.

1 2 p. 224-232
2 Electricity demand forecasting for decentralised energy management Williams, Sean

1 2 p. 178-186
3 Evaluation of stearic acid/coconut shell charcoal composite phase change thermal energy storage materials for tankless solar water heater Xie, Baoshan

1 2 p. 187-198
4 Numercial analysis on the thermal performance of capillary heat exchange system in metro running tunnel Ren, Mingyue

1 2 p. 207-214
5 Optical and thermal performance analysis of aerogel glazing technology in a commercial building of Hong Kong Leung, C.K.

1 2 p. 215-223
6 Quantitative analysis of coherent structures affecting instantaneous fluctuation of point-source plumes based on PIV-POD method Xu, Yukun

1 2 p. 131-138
                             6 results found
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