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1 Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Using Bayesian Updating with Multiple Observationsa Huang, Yung-Fa

17 3 p. 252-259
2 Direct Measurement of Non-Classical Photon Statistics with a Multi-Pixel Photon Counterb Ding, Cheng-Jie

17 3 p. 204-212
3 Elimination of Spatial Side-Channel Information for Compact Quantum Key Distribution Sendersb Huang, Wei-Shao

17 3 p. 195-203
4 Joint Monitoring of Ground and Sky for Cereal Crops Based on Scatterometer Measurement and ASAR Imagesb He, Lei

17 3 p. 278-288
5 Micropillar Cavity Design for 1.55-μm Quantum-Dot Single-Photon Sourcesb Song, Hai-Zhi

17 3 p. 221-230
6 Processing Mechanism of Chinese Verbal Jokes: Evidence from ERP and Neural Oscillations Li, Xue-Yan

17 3 p. 260-277
7 Quantum Cryptography for Internet of Things Securitya Bhatt, Alekha Parimal

17 3 p. 213-220
8 Real-Time Streaming Relay Mechanism for P2P Conferences on Hierarchical Overlay Networksb Su, Hui-Kai

17 3 p. 242-251
9 Smart Dynamic Resource Allocation Model for Patient-Driven Mobile Medical Information System Using C4.5 Algorithm Lo, Ching-Kan

17 3 p. 231-241
10 Special Section on Quantum Information Processing Song, Hai-Zhi

17 3 p. 193-194
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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