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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Arboreal gaits in three sympatric rodents Apodemus agrarius, Apodemus flavicollis (Rodentia, Muridae) and Myodes glareolus (Rodentia, Cricetidae) Karantanis, Nikolaos-Evangelos

83 1 p. 51-63
2 Comparative evaluation of three sampling methods to estimate detection probability of American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) Chavel, Emilie E.

83 1 p. 1-09
3 Cranial variation and taxonomic content of the marbled polecat Vormela peregusna (Mustelidae, Carnivora) Puzachenko, Andrey Yu

83 1 p. 10-20
4 Diel variation in movement patterns and habitat use by the Iberian endemic Cabrera vole: Implications for conservation and monitoring Grácio, Ana Rita

83 1 p. 21-26
5 Quantifying prey selection of Northern and Southern European wolves (Canis lupus) Ståhlberg, Sophie

83 1 p. 34-43
6 Responses of wolf feeding habits after adverse climatic events in central-western Belarus Sidorovich, Vadim

83 1 p. 44-50
7 Sexual-size dimorphism in two synanthropic rat species: Comparison and eco-evolutionary perspectives Mori, Emiliano

83 1 p. 78-80
8 Substantial functional diversity accompanies limited major histocompatibility complex class II variability in golden jackal (Canis aureus): A comparison between two wild Canis species in Croatia Arbanasić, Haidi

83 1 p. 27-33
9 The R package “phuassess” for assessing habitat selection using permutation-based combination of sign tests Fattorini, Lorenzo

83 1 p. 64-70
10 The Ryukyu flying fox (Pteropus dasymallus)—A review of conservation threats and call for reassessment Vincenot, Christian E.

83 1 p. 71-77
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