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1 An alternative to EM for Gaussian mixture models: batch and stochastic Riemannian optimization Hosseini, Reshad

181 1 p. 187-223
2 Dimension reduction for semidefinite programs via Jordan algebras Permenter, Frank

181 1 p. 51-84
3 Exact semidefinite formulations for a class of (random and non-random) nonconvex quadratic programs Burer, Samuel

181 1 p. 1-17
4 Lattice closures of polyhedra Dash, Sanjeeb

181 1 p. 119-147
5 MIDAS: A mixed integer dynamic approximation scheme Philpott, A. B.

181 1 p. 19-50
6 Packing of arborescences with matroid constraints via matroid intersection Király, Csaba

181 1 p. 85-117
7 Stationarity conditions and constraint qualifications for mathematical programs with switching constraints Mehlitz, Patrick

181 1 p. 149-186
                             7 results found
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