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  The Dala dolerites, central Sweden, and their palaeomagnetic signature
Titel: The Dala dolerites, central Sweden, and their palaeomagnetic signature
Auteur: Bylund, Goran
Elming, Sten-Åke
Verschenen in: GFF
Paginering: Jaargang 114 (1992) nr. 1 pagina's 143-153
Jaar: 1992-03-10
Inhoud: New palaeomagnetic results are presented from nine dolerites from central Sweden. Data are also presented from four porphyry sites and one granite site. The data obtained are compared with previously published data from the area. Based on the directions of the characteristic magnetizations isolated in the various rock units a division into five groups, A-E, has been made. Group A consists of dolerites of late Sveconorwegian (c. 1050-850 Ma) age and group B comprises dolerites belonging to the Central Scandinavian Dolerite Group (c. 1250-1150 Ma). Groups C and D are less clearly defined. 'Group C, with a shallow negative northerly remanence inclination represents the Tuna dykes (c. 1370 Ma). The D direction, with a shallow positive northerly inclination, may represent an older generation of dolerites. The border between groups C and D is diffuse and may be the result of a prolonged mid-Proterozoic period with dolerite intrusions in Dalarna during which significant apparent polar wander occurred. Group E comprises dolerites with a steep positive inclination close to the direction of the Earth's present field. The porphyries and the granite studied carry group D and E remanence directions. This strengthens the evidence for a D-group generation of dolerites contemporary with the porphyries and the granite, c. 1650 Ma ago.
Uitgever: Taylor & Francis
Bronbestand: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details van artikel 19 van 23 gevonden artikelen
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