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  Urban development
Title: Urban development
Author: Atkinson, Adrian
Appeared in: City
Paging: Volume 9 (2005) nr. 3 pages 279-295
Year: 2005-12
Contents: 'Perhaps the planning process is inherently “out of control”', writes Adrian Atkinson in this article (see City 8(1), pp.89-108 for a related discussion). A refusal to take responsibility for our settlements as they grow in uncontrolled ways, alongside unsustainable inputs of non-renewable fuels sets the tone for this deeply questioning article. Atkinson laments that in our 'post-modern' world we 'avoid looking at the larger picture and thus the causes of worsening conditions', but also urges us to 'return to more strategic thinking' embedded in participatory planning processes. Atkinson focuses on the global south where increasing social conflict and insecurity and degraded environmental conditions are a universal accompaniment to urbanization. More worryingly, current urbanization is not associated with industrialization, and leaves huge swathes of the population disconnected. Drawing on case studies from local initiatives in the global south, Atkinson concludes that planning processes are tolerated in the global South as long as they focus on charity work amongst the poor. Transforming local initiatives into systemic change requires'a shift in our collective consciousness and taking hold of the means to determine how our future will be organized'.
Publisher: Routledge
Source file: Elektronische Wetenschappelijke Tijdschriften

                             Details for article 10 of 11 found articles
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